Nocturnes ep

by The Heatheners

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released November 5, 2011



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The Heatheners Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Backwards Halo
I saw you flailing in the fountain
With your failing masterplan
A co-conspirator that speaks only
Through sleight of hand
One look into your eyes
I realized how much I wanted in
I will not cross your enveloping glow
A flower that will never grow
Unless it grows without a stem
A flower that will turn its thorns upon itself
Your GPS will never find the place
That's worthy to begin
Your dictionary never finds the words to defend...

Backwards halo
Never find the means to...
Caulk the ego
Struggle to incinerate a pattern that you've made

A portal that will seal itself
Upon your subconscious command
A calico scarecrow will tend the nest when you go
I notice nightingales will never cross
The threshold to your door
A magnet that detracts that which it beholds

This feeling never shows...
This feeling never shows the way out...
The way out

Exhale the universe
Inhale the universe
Exhale the universal barking at the breakers...
Quilting on the claws
Feeding off the shapeshifters never really ends it all

Home for the holidays
Track Name: Nightmare Pill
I've got some time to kill
Guess I'll take the nightmare pill
Elevate the animal
A fist too full to swallow

I know this sounds absurd
The bitterness and lonely word
That lost my wooden scimitar
To slay the beast that mocks me

And it's hard when everything turns wrong
It's hard
Looks like the thread I'm unraveling is too long
To secure the spine

I'm out of frontiers
Locked unnavigated fears
Into a place of paranoia
A figment for the hollows

I am off the charts, I am off the map
Focused on the wires, I'm not looking back
Finding it impossible not to react
When I should not react

I am on the cusp of this cholera
Adhering to the curse of a common law
That puts me in the path of a comet's claw
That I cannot detract

Lord knows it's hard to be here
And it's hard to not be here
Track Name: Swim Swim Sensory Minnow
I cannot unquench my love
Swimming in the aqueducts
Everyone can see the sparks
Everyone can see the ankhs
Everyone can see the arcs
In, above, or out of your eyelashes, lashing out

I cannot explain my heart
Is it because the Cascades and clocks
Keep us so near yet so far apart?

I am just an herbivore
Squeezing through the canine corridor
I am darkened, you are golden glow

I drown in the stream
You are flooding out my dreams
You are flooding out my seams

Don't let me look in your cupboards
Don't even open the shutters
Hematite will pass me through
But won't lead me to you
Don't let me look in your cupboards
Don't even open the shutters
Hematite will pass me through
But won't lead me to you you

I cannot explain myself
Track Name: Heimlich Maneuver
I've looked into acid-washing my fingerprints
Just to get the stench of your skin off my ellipsis
I've thought about turning to religion
Just to get the slime of your soul off of my hips
I've considered therapy or deprogramming
Just to get your name off of my lips
I've occupied myself with swallowing glass
Left out on the balcony from our impasse
I am boring everyone to their deathbed
And I won't talk of anything else